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We are not afraid: Our students know that they need to practice and practice and are not afraid to do so even when the words they are trying to say are hard. Talk about the difference between cheap, ship, and sheep. For native English Speakers the difference in sound is easy to identify, however to Spanish Speakers all three words sounds exactly the same. Ask a person from Chihuahua to say these words and you see what I mean.


We break barriers: Our mission is to unite communities; Anglos and Latinos learn from each other. This not only helps with self-esteem and confidence, but it also creates a better and healthier community. Happy citizens = Better state = Colorado an amazing place to live!


We go beyond grammar and vocabulary: We know that grammar is important, but so is losing the fear of speaking in a different language. We provide a safe and friendly environment where the students practice conversation and pronunciation with native speakers. Here they learn the appropriate sounds without getting rid of their accents, after all that’s what makes us unique!


We sing our hearts out on the last day of class: Our students know that singing cures the soul, and also helps with learning. On our last day of class, we have a karaoke session and practice our target language while singing popular songs. It’s so much fun!


We are a friendly and supportive community: After spending ten weeks together, it is hard no to become friends with the people who help you with your Spanish. We learn so much from one another, students even get invited to quinceañeras, eat tamales, and really get to immerse in the Latino culture. We all become friends!

It is said that the best way to learn is by teaching and that’s exactly what our students do!

About ShareLingo
The ShareLingo concept is really simple. Instead of learning from a white board or a computer, we help English learners meet Spanish learners for face-to-face practice together. A bilingual facilitator uses our method and materials to keep things moving so you are never bored. We have language learning solutions for individuals, businesses, non-profits, and schools. Learn more at

Post Author: James Archer

James Archer is the founders of The ShareLingo Project - a Social Enterprise that connects English and Spanish speakers for face-to-face practice. This model breaks down both linguistic and cultural barriers for individuals, businesses, and non-profits.

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