Addressing the Achievement Gap – For teachers and school administrators wanting to help Hispanic parents…
I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and[...]
Inventor’s language learning program builds communities, aids businesses
DENVER – (Aug. 9, 2017) – All he wants to do is bring people together in the interest of world[...]
ShareLingo – Practice Together and Become Friends
Hi Everyone - Here's a link to a youtube video I took at the Botanic Gardens in Medellin Colombia. I'm[...]
If I didn’t speak Spanish, I would have missed a great opportunity.
Hola Todos! I’M IN MEDELLIN COLOMBIA!  The City of Eternal Spring. And no, folks – they don’t speak English everywhere.[...]
Celebrate Labor Day without bias. 
[Traducción en español abajo] Labor Day. Do you celebrate, or even know, it’s historical roots? Or is it just the[...]
Pronunciación de “ed” en inglés.
Para todos nuestros amigos que están practicando pronunciación en inglés.   /id/   Pronounced with the sound “id”. Verbs English Verbos[...]
Be a language Olympian
Is there anyone in the world that doesn’t know the Olympics are on in Rio right now? [Traducción en español[...]
How committed are you to your goals? What would you risk?
By James Archer Last November, the Denver Post published an article (opinion, really) about Tom Boasberg (Denver Public Schools superintendent)[...]
Engineering Cultural Diversity
by James Archer Engineers love nothing more than solving difficult problems with simple solutions. Cultural Divides - What’s the problem?[...]
It’s Travel Tuesday!!
It is time to travel. You may want to do it cheaply, but do it. How many of your bucket[...]
Why #iShareLingo
by Jordan A. Parry Did you know that ShareLingo has new classes starting EVERY week? Did you know that placement[...]
Samuels Elementary and ShareLingo
A Big, Big Thank-You! The ShareLingo Project would like to thank Samuels Elementary for bringing Hampden South (South East Denver)[...]
Bilingual Immersion at the Museum
by Jordan Parry On Saturday, May 7, 2016, ShareLingo teamed up with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and the[...]
All the things you never knew (but wish you did!) about Cinco de Mayo
by Jordan Parry   True or False: Mexico celebrates Cinco de Mayo because it’s their Independence Day. Easy, right?  WRONG! The[...]
FREE Museum Day with ShareLingo THIS Saturday, May 7
(Puedes leer todo en español más abajo.) In case you haven't heard yet, ShareLingo is hosting an awesome event THIS[...]
3 Tips and Tricks for Volunteering in Latin America
by Jordan A. Parry So you’re looking to volunteer abroad?  Awesome!  It’s such a great way to see the world[...]
5 Unique Ways to Celebrate your Madre this Mother’s Day
by Jordan Parry ¡Ojo! Mother’s Day, or Día de la Madre, is quickly approaching. This year, it will be celebrated[...]
YMCA and ShareLingo
 The ShareLingo Project in partnership with The YMCA Community Programs Branch The 21st of March marked the end of the[...]
ShareLingo Partners with Fitzsimons Credit Union to Improve Parental Engagement at McGlone Elementary
Helping McGlone Elementary help Montbello families By James Archer McGlone Elementary School About McGlone “McGlone Elementary, located in the Montebello[...]
The Cultural Immersion Experience – How to Stay Local
by Mafe Rodriguez As language enthusiasts we are convinced that the best way to learn a language, say Italian, is[...]
Love Me, Love Me Not… Valentines for Everyone
Valentine’s Day used to be a hopeless-romantic dream; a day dedicated to red roses, chocolates, giant teddy bears and romantic[...]
Construyendo Puentes Entre Culturas e Idiomas – Inglés y Español
La semana pasada, Apple anunció la adición de 24% más trabajadores hispanos en 2015, en comparación con cifras reportadas en[...]
What You Really Gained During the Holidays
It is time to start working on our resolutions for the New Year. For many of us the list is[...]
5 Ways The ShareLingo Project is better than any other Language Learning Program
We are not afraid: Our students know that they need to practice and practice and are not afraid to do[...]
YMCA y ShareLingo Conectan Comunidades
Martha es una estudiante de Inglés en el Proyecto ShareLingo en la Rama de Programas Comunitarios, YMCA. Durante una de[...]
ShareLingo and YMCA Connecting Communities
Martha is a student at The ShareLingo Project English/Spanish class at YMCA’s Community Programs Branch. During a recent class, James[...]
For English, press 1. Para Español, marque número 2.
By James Archer Do you think all immigrants should have to speak English? During my life, I have heard a[...]
Uniendo Comunidades y Rompiendo Barreras
By Mara González Con frecuencia se escucha que “Estados Unidos es el país de las oportunidades y que si uno[...]
It’s Time to Stop Wasting Talent
By James Archer At The ShareLingo Project in Denver, we see a lot of immigrants in our English and Spanish[...]
Why #iShareLingo
By Mara González Eight years ago I left my home in Chihuahua, Mexico to come to Denver, Colorado. My goal[...]
Learn spanish in Denver, start today!
Are you interested in learning spanish in an easy and practical way? Join us! You will learn spanish and, at[...]
ShareLingo, Quid Novi Business Innovations Awards finalist
We are thrilled to announce that The ShareLingo Project® has been selected as one of the ten finalists for the[...]
ShareLingo boosts your language learning process
Learning English or Spanish should not be a difficult task for any person. One of the most feared parts of[...]
The guys are getting along much better, and I have seen my employees' attitudes shift towards me. We laugh when I[...]
I really like ShareLingo classes because I work with a different person each week, so I get to practice with[...]
Great learning environment for developing foreign language skills. I first studied Spanish using the Pimsleur program, it was great for learning some[...]
Hi Jacque - I just wanted to share with you that we had our first session on Monday, 9/22. From the[...]
Kaiser Permanente Denver
Sharelingo works actively with Kaiser Permanente and strenghtens its ties with latino community in Colorado. Find more about Kaiser Permanente:[...]
Sharelingo Meet-and-Greet
If you are staying in a hotel, and you want to ask a staff person a question (Where’s the bar,[...]
Strengthening the Community
Do you want to learn more about us? Check this cool article that talks about ShareLingo's story and how we[...]
The ShareLingo Project®, Nominee for the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Rockstars Business Award
We are so excited to announce that The ShareLingo Project® was selected as a nominee for the Hispanic Chamber of[...]
Intermediate – Mondays – 6:30pm – Denver
April 28, 2014 - April 28, 2014 1061 Kalamath St. Map and Directions | Register Description:Intermediate to Advanced level English/Spanish[...]
Welcome to ShareLingo
We are so excited to have our new website. We hope you enjoy it too!We welcome any suggestions or comments[...]
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