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It is time to start working on our resolutions for the New Year. For many of us the list is very long. And most likely the first entry in the list is related to losing weight. Why? Perhaps because December is a month full of beautiful and delicious traditional foods, and maybe you gained a couple of pounds. Although Christmas is a Christian tradition it is very popular in many countries. Lights and Christmas decorations are everywhere, along with a great variety of foods.


Mexico is known for the variety of delicious foods like Bacalao (also used as special food during the holy week). Pavo o Guajolote stuffed with pork and vegetables. Romeritos, a very traditional food from the Federal District. And ponche, which is a beverage especially for the posadas. Champurrado and Atole de Guaba are also very popular during Christmas time.


From El Salvador, we have a delicious tradition of chicken or pork tamales wrapped in plantain leaves. Bread with chicken is very popular as well as chicken with tomato and onion with rice. Sweet bread and coffee are part of the tradition for Noche Buena.

Tamales Salvadoreños

In Guatemala, along with the Tamales and ponche, they make turkey and rompope; a beverage made with milk and rum.


Nicaragua is well known because of its Stuffed Pork Roast. Another dish is Vigoron, a dish made with small pieces of cooked pumpkin and cassava strips. Gallo pinto (rice with red beans) and Baho: Banana leaves on thin strips of sun-dried, marinated beef, with orange juice, onions and paprika.


Honduras shares the tradition of the Tamales along with so many other Latino countries. Leg of pork, chicken, and turkey are part of the traditional food to celebrate Christmas. Like Guatemala, in Honduras rompope is the traditional beverage and it is made with milk, eggs and liquor.

Pork Leg

In Costa Rica, pork tamales along with white rice and chicken or turkey are the traditional dishes.

Gallo Pinto

The most important part of all these traditions is that food is made to celebrate with family and friends. So, even if you feel that you gained a few pounds, just hold onto the great memories and the flavors of all the delicious foods you enjoyed.

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