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It is time to travel. You may want to do it cheaply, but do it.

How many of your bucket lists include taking a trip to another city or even another country and you still haven’t done it?

I work on my bucket list every year so that I accomplish all my goals. I am very serious about them, because I respect my contracts with myself the same way I respect the ones with others.

I am going to give you 5 tips about how to travel really cheaply, and get it DONE.

  1. Set your destination. You have to start planning with a goal in mind. Be realistic, especially if you are just starting. Traveling is like developing a habit, you have to do it often, but take baby steps. Start with a city that is not too scary, maybe even close to the city where you live.
  2. Check for places to stay. Usually hotels are very expensive but there are other affordable options like couch surfing. This is a really cool psoibility to meet locals and save money. Go to or  where you will find great deals, people and places.
  3. Pack some of your favorite foods. I love hiking, so I pack healthy food and snacks. That’s something that you can do also! And remember to carry a reusable bottle for water so you can get a refill. You will save a lot of money just by doing that.
  4. Ask locals for the best places to get an affordable meal.
  5. If you’re wanting to go to another country – learn the language. Learning is CHEAP – and can save you lots of money when traveling!

Now get ready and go, the world is ready to be conquered.

Post Author: James Archer

James Archer is the founders of The ShareLingo Project - a Social Enterprise that connects English and Spanish speakers for face-to-face practice. This model breaks down both linguistic and cultural barriers for individuals, businesses, and non-profits.

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