Is your Non-Profit looking for a way to generate revenue, so you can depend less on grants and donations?

Let ShareLingo Help.

If your non-profit organization works with the Anglo and/or Latino communities, and your staff or customers would benefit from participation in a ShareLingo class, please contact us. 

There are many ways we can help you achieve your goals. We can offer discounts, subsidies, and even sponsorships.

And we have a revenue sharing model in which your organization can implement a “Social Enterprise” model without any startup costs.

We would love to talk about your needs!

Federal, State, Local Government

The ShareLingo Project is very interested in working with Federal, State, and Local governments to help provide language-learning services.

We will tailor classes to the specific needs (health, family services, etc) and administer the classes in a location that is convenient to the participants.

There is a Growing Need for Language Exchange

Schools—especially K-12—have a growing need for language exchange. It’s normally not the children who need to learn a second language; for the most part, they’re doing that naturally in class and by talking to their peers.

Normally, it’s the teachers and parents who are unable to communicate, and The ShareLingo Project wants to help in this respect.

If your school or district is facing this problem, please let us tailor classes to help you.