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Valentine’s Day used to be a hopeless-romantic dream; a day dedicated to red roses, chocolates, giant teddy bears and romantic dinners. Today; Valentine’s Day is different.  It is a day to celebrate those badass friends you have, the family who is always there for you, and the chocolate sales at Walmart. We understand the struggle to find the perfect way to cherish your partners in crime so I’ve put together a little list of fun activities you can do with anyone.


Make your friends’ day by doing one (or all) of this:

  • Make a heart with post-it notes on your friend’s bathroom mirror. On each post-it write a reason why you love them. Or not. Get more ideas here
  • Since you probably have a ton of post-its left, you can leave random cute notes around their place: in the fridge, by the stairs, on their pillow, etc.
  • Bake a cake. It does not have to be heart-shaped, but everyone loves cake. And wine. And sweatpants. Maybe combine all three.
  • Personalized mason jars: have one jar for each member of your family. On a piece of paper write a personalized note on why you love that particular person, and write a new note every other day. Bonus: Decorate each jar to make it extra special!
  • Remember when you used to color for fun? Well, it’s back. Adult coloring books were the most sold books in 2015. You can also have some fun coloring this Valentine’s with your family. Download free coloring pages here.
  • You and that special someone can play “The Love Board Game” Learn how to here.
  • If you’re feeling emo, celebrate Galentine’s day instead. Get drunk with your girlfriends, cry on each other’s shoulder, curse all your exes; or as I like to call it: Saturday night.


Where to go

You can go out to the usual dinner OR you can go to any of these awesome places with your friends or significant other.

  • Stay at home and make a fort.
  • Have a bonfire in your backyard
  • DIY Spa Night: Light some candles, play relaxing music, and spend the night taking turns giving and receiving back massages and foot rubs.
  • Rooftop date
  • Drive- in date
  • Picnic -date
  • Photoshoot- date
  • Café hopping-date
  • Igloo-Date
  • Re-live your first date
  • At home- wine- and –cheese- tasting -date
  • Theater -date
  • Stay at home and just enjoy each-others company date

I use the word “date” but it does not necessarily mean you have to do it with your boyfriend or girlfriend. These are places you can go to with your friends and family.

HeartShaped Sticky Notes

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